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3L Cat Water Fountain

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3L Cat Water Fountain

Glide into Hydration Haven - The Ultimate Cat Water Fountain!

Introducing the 3L Cat Water Fountain - the perfect solution for keeping your feline friends hydrated and happy. Crafted with precision and functionality, this fountain provides a continuous flow of fresh, filtered water, enticing your cats to drink more and stay healthy.

Convenient Automatic Dispenser: Enjoy hassle-free hydration with the automatic pet water dispenser, ensuring your cats have access to clean water at all times.

Large Capacity: With a 3L capacity, this fountain is perfect for multiple cats or larger cat families, providing ample water for their needs.

Recirculate Filter System: Keep the water fresh and clean with the recirculate filter system, providing your cats with healthy hydration day and night.

USB Electric Mute Design: Enjoy a quiet and energy-efficient operation with the USB electric mute design, ensuring minimal disruption to your home.


  • Material: Food grade
  • Product Color: Various colors available
  • Maximum Capacity: 3L
  • Product Size: about 16x11.5x12.5 cm

Our 4-point customer promise:

Quality: Crafted with food-grade materials for durability and safety.
Satisfaction: Committed to providing the best possible drinking experience for your cats.
Support: Dedicated to offering exceptional customer service and support for a seamless experience.
Value: Offering competitive prices and value for your beloved feline companions.