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Cat Litter Box

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Cat Litter Box

Cat Litter Box With UVC Ultraviolet Function Large Enclosed Top Entry Anti-Splashing Litter Box With Lid Convenient Auto-Off

Introducing the Cat Litter Box with UVC Ultraviolet Function, the ultimate solution for a clean and hygienic environment for your beloved pet. This innovative litter box features a fully enclosed design with a split structure and functional zoning, catering to the specific needs of your cat.

Functional Design: The litter box is designed with functionality in mind, offering a fully enclosed space that provides privacy for your cat while effectively containing litter and odor.

UVC Ultraviolet Function: Equipped with second-generation UVC ultraviolet technology, this litter box ensures a clean and germ-free environment for your pet. With one main light and five auxiliary lights, it provides all-around irradiation, promoting a healthier living space for your cat.

Convenient Auto-Off Feature: After approximately 120 seconds of activation, the litter box automatically shuts off, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring energy efficiency.

Intuitive Charging Indicator: Featuring a Type-C charging interface, the litter box is easy to recharge. The red light indicates charging status, turning off when fully charged, providing a user-friendly experience.

Spacious And Accessible: The litter box is enlarged and widened for easy entry and exit, accommodating cats of all ages and sizes. Even a 20-pound cat will find ample space and comfort in this litter box.

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