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Cat Litter Box Semi-enclosed Sandbox Box

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Cat Litter Box Semi-enclosed Sandbox Box

Cat Litter Box Semi-enclosed Sandbox Box for Cats Plastic Pet Toilet PP Resin High Side Anti-Splashing Sifting Litter Box

Introducing the Cat Litter Box Semi-enclosed Sandbox Box, the perfect solution for providing your feline friend with a clean and comfortable toilet area. This innovative litter box features a semi-enclosed design with high sides and anti-splashing features, ensuring a mess-free environment for both you and your cat.

Large Space: With ample room to accommodate cats weighing up to 7kg, this litter box provides a spacious and comfortable area for your pet to do their business.

Creative Design: The litter box is adorned with cute antlers, adding a touch of creativity and charm to your pet's toilet area.

Anti-Splashing Design: The high sides of the litter box are heightened to prevent litter from splashing out during use, keeping your floors clean and tidy.

Inclined Pedal: Designed with a 30-degree inclination angle, the pedal encourages active sliding of cat litter, facilitating easier cleanup and maintenance.

Sand Filter Pedal: The litter box features a sand filter pedal that allows cat litter to slide down effortlessly, further enhancing the cleaning process.

Easy to Clean: With a smooth basin bottom, this litter box is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Semi-Enclosed Design: The semi-enclosed design provides a balance between privacy for your cat and convenience for you, making it easier to shovel out waste while maintaining a neat appearance.

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