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Electric Rolling Ball

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Electric Rolling Ball

Pounce, Chase, Repeat: Where Fun Meets Training!

Introducing Electric Rolling Ball - the perfect toy for your feline friend's playtime and exercise! This smart and automatic rolling ball keeps your cat engaged and entertained with its self-propelled design. Watch as your kitty chases and pounces on the ball, stimulating their natural instincts and providing endless fun. Make playtime exciting and beneficial for your cat with RollingPurr

Endless entertainment:  Electric rolling ball is the ultimate source of fun and engagement for your curious cat. The self-propelled ball design mimics prey movement, igniting your cat's hunting instinct and providing hours of interactive playtime. Watch as your cat chases, pounces, and rolls along with the exciting ball!

Smart and automatic:  is designed to be a smart and automatic toy, which ensures that your cat can enjoy playing even when you are busy. The ball's built-in sensors detect motion and initiate self-rolling actions, captivating your cat and encouraging them to stay active and entertained.

Fun training sessions: Playtime is not only fun but also beneficial for your cat's physical and mental well-being. Interactive play helps improve your cat's agility, reflexes, and coordination. It's the perfect way to provide both entertainment and exercise in one delightful package.

Suitable for all cats: Whether you have a playful kitten or a sophisticated senior cat, there is a toy to suit all cat lovers. The interactive nature of the rolling ball appeals to cats of all ages and breeds, making it a must-have for your cat's toy collection.


  • Type: Cats
  • Toys Type: Balls
  • Material: Plastic
  • Is Smart Device: YES

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